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Updated: Feb 19

The Merit Principle, underpinned by Equal Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination, means the highest standards of safety and service for our charter flight customers.

Elke Thole, Pilot for Aerlink charter flights WA, stands on runway.
Elke Thole at Covalent Lithium, Mt Holland. Bringing over 3,000 hours of ATR pilot experience, Elke strengthens Aerlink's FIFO air charter services in Western Australia.

Aerlink's pool of pilots has expanded, with Pilot, Elke Thole, recently joining Aerlink’s Perth base after accruing more than 3,000 hours flying ATRs around southern Africa.

We're super pleased to welcome Elke. She brings a wealth of experience flying the ATR in Tanzania. She's a strong, driven individual with a passion for aviation.'

Aerlink's team have over a decade of experience operating and maintaining this efficient and reliable aircraft type, the World's best regional aircraft.

Before hopping over the Indian Ocean, Elke spent almost five years flying for Precision Air Tanzania, a passenger airline based in Dar es Salaam.

Elke says she's been fascinated by flying ever since she was a child. Now, as a pilot, Elke says her job is a perfect synergy of multiple disciplines. 'It's not just about aircraft and flying; it's about understanding aerodynamics, avionics, navigation systems, weather patterns, and so much more. I love it all.'

Elke becomes Aerlink's fourth female pilot, with females now making up 21% of Aerlink's total pilot pool. Recruiting people like Elke adds to Aerlink's diverse workforce and contributes to Aerlink's culture of excellence.

Aerlink employment statistics. Our people are from diverse cultural backgrounds and 28% of Aerlink's workforce are women. Indigenous representation is encouraged through Clontarf Foundation.
The Merit Principal delivers diversity and excellence in the demanding charter flight aviation sector.

Women now comprise 28% of Aerlink's workforce, and that statistic continues to trend upwards. Beyond gender diversity, our team is culturally diverse. Cultural diversity is not just a statistic; it's an asset. It enhances our problem-solving capabilities, increases productivity, and aligns well with our clients' diversity and inclusion policies.

Aerlink has bold growth plans in Australia, but those plans rely on its workforce having the capability and willingness to go above and beyond the everyday standard. We meet this need by looking outside the traditional aviation industry candidate profile.

The different perspectives and experiences that each of Aerlink's employees brings to the table enrich the company. It's a win-win situation.

Promotion from within at our dedicated air charter base at Perth T2 Domestic Terminal

While Elke is Aerlink's newest recruit, there have also been some well-earned internal promotions, with Perth-based Rosi Brown becoming the Aircrew Standards Supervisor, Arnie Kamp becoming a Ground Operations Supervisor, and Nick Dempsey becoming a Ground Operations Team Leader.

Aerlink's commitment to employee diversity and excellence is as much a product of informal, organic outcomes as fixed goals and strategies. Aerlink recruits the best possible people, and by doing so, workforce diversity follows. Finding Elke – a young, Africa-raised and schooled female, adds to that diversity. But her professionalism also strengthens Aerlink's commitment to excellence.

While the company benefits, the biggest winners are Aerlink's charter flight customers, who typically have similar values to Aerlink and appreciate a supplier airline that delivers a quality product reliably, safely, and without fuss.

Elke says she is still adjusting to the quirks of living in Australia – the time zones and how things work. But she loves the food, coffee, and friendliness, both at work and everywhere else.

'Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful,' she says. 'I'm so optimistic about my future at Aerlink. The idea of working at the Perth base, with all these exceptional people, and being part of Aerlink's growth vision.'

Welcome Elke, congratulations Rosi, Arnie and Nick and sincere thanks to our entire team for your efforts.


Talent Acquisition at Aerlink: Committed to Excellence and Inclusivity

We are transparent in sharing our talent acquisition philosophy: selecting the best talent based on merit and ability, while upholding Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination principles.

The Merit Principle underpinned by Equal Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination

We believe in a rigorous selection process that places competence and ability above all else. Discrimination is not only against our values but counterintuitive to Aerlink’s goal of accessing the widest possible pool of best talent. The value placed on talent is reinforced with a clear policy that length of service within the company or the industry does not determine selection. This merit-based approach ensures that we provide our clients in the resources, mining, and Defence sectors with unrivalled expertise.

Our Team’s Diversity

Aerlink’s staff hail from diverse cultural backgrounds, ranging from Mauritius and Pakistan to Canada, South Africa and India. Aerlink works to increase Indigenous representation, partnering with Clontarf Foundation. Further actions are under consideration.

We also maintain a balanced workforce with 19 women, including 4 female pilots, among our 45 male colleagues. We are working on targets to improve our gender diversity.

We are committed to being an employer where merit and talent reign supreme, and where diversity is embraced.

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