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Whether for business or pleasure, Aerlink will provide a unique flying experience where our aircraft becomes yours with the freedom to meet your exact schedule.

Make waiting times, constant delays and last-minute cancellations a thing of the past as chartering an aircraft grants you the flexibility to set your own itinerary without being constrained by commercial airline schedules.

Along with the aircraft, Aerlink will provide a unique experience based on your requirements, including many catering options with anything from cheese and biscuits to champagne and caviar to be served onboard.

From the first conversation to take-off, we’ll provide a single point of contact throughout the process to discuss options to ensure your needs are met. We can also supply an Aerlink representative to travel along with the aircraft to assist with logistics on the ground making the whole process smoother.

Our ATR aircraft are unique and perfect for sightseeing tours as their high wing allows every passenger sitting in the back, front or anywhere in between to have a view. Flyovers of Lakes or a Resource project site are made more comfortable without the need to strain your neck or move around the aircraft for a better look.

Aerlink can curate a personalised group travel experience for:

  • The Resource industry

  • Government Support requirements

  • Tourism and Sightseeing

  • Corporate and Business Travel

  • Sporting Team Transport

  • Entertainment and Media


Our experienced team are focused on providing Air Charter Solutions.

Reach out today to discuss your requirements.

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