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Carbon Neutral Flying.

Aerlink has set itself a target of achieving carbon-neutral flying by adopting a Carbon Emissions Program. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and partner with our resource customers to achieve our carbon footprint reduction commitments. The program has allowed us to identify how, as a responsible operator, we can contribute to the well-being of our planet as we are very conscious of the impact that aviation can have on the environment.


Our Planet.

Our Community.

Our Economy.

Arelink Tree Planting Project


Aerlink is immensely aware of aviation's role in environmental impact and is focused on reducing our footprint wherever possible. This was one of the factors that led to our decision to invest in the ATR Turboprop family of aircraft. 

Fuel usage is the primary driver of the carbon emissions of an aircraft and the ATR series of aircraft are the most fuel-efficient medium to large-category turboprop aircraft in the world. The ATR series has fuel burn rates of between 15% to 25% less than the Dash 8 series of aircraft. The fuel efficiency of the ATR when combined with the other key benefits offered by the aircraft has led to it being the most successful medium to large-category passenger turboprop aircraft across the world.

As the ATR series of aircraft remain in production it ensures an ongoing investment by the aircraft manufacturer in reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the aviation industry’s environmental goals of stabilising emissions at 2020 levels through neutral carbon growth and reducing net emissions from aviation by 50% by 2050 compared to 2005 figures. The ATR Environmental Management System is ISO 14001 certified and focuses on the ongoing sustainability of ATR products. In 2019, the Environmental, social, and Governance (ESG) rating agency, Vigeo Eiris, recognised ATR as compliant with Green Bond and Green Loan Principles. ATR consistently meets all ICAO standard requirements for gas emissions, including the latest 2020 regulation on carbon dioxide emission reduction.


45% less CO



69g of CO


Tree planting project.

Our largest initiative to date is the Fimito tree planting project in Papua New Guinea. This initiative commenced in November 2020 and the project aims to plant a minimum of 120,000 trees to offset our total emissions produced annually.

To complete this initiative, the Group has proudly partnered with a national company 'Lik Lik Beans' to hire Papua New Guinean staff, to plant trees and manage the project in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

We have selected the Eucalyptus Grandis Tree as the best type to be planted in the wet/clay soil types in the region for its fast-growing properties with fully grown trees reaching up to 50 meters in height.

The Group has partnered with the LikLik Coffee Bean company and the Goroka Country Club in securing land and employing local staff to plant and care for tree saplings. Working with the local community and local organisations ensures the project offers social, economic and development benefits as well as achieving environmental outcomes.

Other initiatives.

Other Initiatives.

  • Aerlink is transitioning to paperless operations, saving up to 155,000 sheets of paper a year or 19 trees.

  • The use of technology to assist our initiatives is very well demonstrated by our decision to introduce EFBs in 2019. These EFBs (iPads) are personal issues to all pilots and 2 EFBs are allocated to each aircraft for use by the cabin crew. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has meant a near-paperless cockpit and aircraft environment with flight plans, staff reports and safety reports to name just a few eliminating the need for paper forms.

  • We are proud to utilize solar energy to power our business. Our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint has led us to invest in solar panels, which help to power our hangars, offices, and staff compounds. By harnessing the clean energy of the sun, we are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and helping to protect the environment.

  • Aerlink is ensuring all logistic shipments are packaged and protected with recycled cardboard and paper, saving up to 21 trees per year.

  • Aerlink has commenced formal environmental awareness training for all of our staff. The training is now also part of our formal induction process for new starts. Managed through Air Maestro a PowerPoint lesson is provided to staff followed by an online examination. Refer to our Safety Programs.

    By being part of our short-term initiatives Aerlink will regularly update this awareness training to ensure that it remains current and reflects updated initiatives.

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