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and Cargo.

Aerlink has several year's experience in the air freight market both in day and night operations.

We have an in-depth understanding of freight requirements and provide a focused and flexible service to ensure delivery times are maintained. Our ATR42 converted freighters have a low noise profile allowing operations into curfewed airports. The ATR has excellent short take-off and landing (STOL) performance which gives higher capacity cargo uplift even on shorter operating fields.

Up to 5 Tonne payload and a generous cargo door see the ATR uniquely positioned to carry palletised cargo, break-bulk or both. Our aircraft are fitted with gravel kits giving clearance to land at smaller, unpaved runways inaccessible by larger freighter aircraft.

A loadmaster travels with the aircraft as standard to facilitate loading at ports. They are also forklift licensed allowing for an end-to-end solution. Whether it be from major hubs or supporting remote communities Aerlink will support your freight needs.


Our experienced team are focused on providing Air Charter Solutions.

Reach out today to discuss your requirements.

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