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Aerlink is a leading provider of Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) services in Australia.

Our extensive experience in the mining and resource industry ensures we understand the complexities and tailor our solutions to meet each client’s requirements. Whether that be through suggesting alternate routings or even alternate aircraft types improve efficiencies by maximising passenger uplift and reducing additional costs.

Resource projects are often located in challenging environments with tight timelines. Aerlink has a proven track record of mobilising into remote locations at short notice with a recent West Coast client commencing operations less than two weeks from first engagement with Aerlink.

Safety, reliability, and efficiency are key to maintaining resource projects and our commitment to that is reflected in an industry-leading on-time performance (OTP). 

Engaging Aerlink early in your planning will further streamline the process as we can provide on-site ground handling and check-in training for mine staff as well as aerodrome advisory services. The ATRs tricycle undercarriage allows for reduced airfield width and turning node requirements. Prior to airfield construction we can assist with runway design, reducing the costs and lead times to ensure production starts sooner.

Our unwavering focus on safety is reflected in an audited and renewed High-Capacity Air Transport License as well as a Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Gold Accreditation, the standard for the Australian mining industry.

Get in touch today to simplify your staff travel requirements.

Our modern fleet of aircraft was chosen through rigorous evaluation with capability and overall reliability as driving factors. In order to maintain reliability across our operations we focus on several key areas:​

  • Pre-planning with tailored disruption plans activated by Aerlink’s quick response operations team 

  • All Line Maintenance is completed by Aerlink’s Engineering Team. Heavy Maintenance is completed by a sister Maintenance and Repair Organisation (MRO) allows greater control over return-to-service timelines

  • Large spare inventory is kept on-site, as well as a 24/7 logistics hub for rapid procurement and shipment of parts

  • Maintain reliability data on key spares to ensure they are on the shelf when a change is required

  • A large fleet allows for Backup aircraft to facilitate additional requirements or substitutions if necessary

Our experienced team are focused on providing Air Charter Solutions.

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