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It's good to know who you're dealing with. Starting with Shane Cyr, we're accessible. Why? We are good at this. We are committed to moving the movers of Australia forward. We find purpose in advancing your purpose. You'll get our best.

Looking for Hevilift Perth Check-in? Hevilift Check-in Brisbane? Hevilift Check-in Townsville? Hevilift flights in Australia are now in the capable hands of Aerlink, led by CEO, Shane Cyr. Shane's team have multiple bases around Australia, providing air charter services, charter planes, FIFO transport, air freight and private plane group
Shane Cyr is CEO of Aerlink. Aerlink have taken over the Australian 'heavylifting' from Hevilift.


‘I was working in the logging industry and saw a company using helicopters to fly logs off mountains. As soon as I saw that I knew I wanted to start there. My first job was as a helicopter logger where we harvested trees off the mountains with helicopters.’

Age 52 | MBA (Sydney University) | BBA International Business (Vancouver Island University) |

CEO of Aerlink since July 2022

Appointed CEO of Aerlink in July 2022, Shane Cyr brings over 20 years of diverse aviation experience to the role. Previously serving as President of Canada's Universal Helicopters since 2015, Shane has worked in aviation services across Canada and Australia.

His academic credentials include an MBA from Sydney University, adding a layer of strategic thinking to his hands-on experience. At Aerlink, Shane's responsibilities encompass business growth and leadership of a highly skilled and diverse workforce.

Shane's career evolved from ground operations to management, defying industry norms. Shane's leadership style is shaped by his military background, instilling a sense of urgency and a commitment to doing the best job possible.

His business decisions are anchored in four key pillars: safety and sustainability, client-focused service, operational excellence, and talent acquisition and retention. His team of ‘Excellent, hardworking professionals,’ mirrors his values of flexibility, client focus, resilience, and reliability.

In his current role, Shane is deeply involved in strategic planning and execution. His hands-on leadership style is evident, as he often expresses a wish to spend more time with operational crews, the backbone of Aerlink's success.

Aerlink differentiates itself from competitors, not only because it is the only ATR operator in Australia but because it only offers charter services. Unlike competitors, the airline chooses not to operate regularly scheduled passenger transport (RPT). Of Aerlink’s establishment Shane says, "We are on the road to yes for the clients we serve." Acknowledging the challenges faced, he is committed to providing the best possible client service in the air charter market.

Under Shane's guidance, Aerlink holds prestigious certifications like BARS Gold and CASA approvals, underscoring its commitment to safety and quality.

Employees as at 1 September, 2023: 65

Fleet as of 26 September, 2023: 9

Bases as of 26 September 2023: Brisbane Domestic Airport, Perth T2 Domestic Airport, Townsville Domestic Airport.

Locations served as of 26 September 2023: Moranbah, Osbourne Mine, Cairns, Gunpowder Mine, Horn Island, Birdsville, Mt. Keith, Mt. Holland, Kalgoorlie and Fitzroy Crossing.


Aerlink holds the BARS (Basic Aviation Risk Standard) Gold certification and is CASA (Civil Aviation Service Authority) approved as an Air Services Operator (Part 121), Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (Part 42), and Maintenance Provider (Part 145). It performs these functions internally and for third parties. Holding ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Annexure 19 is proof of adhering to the most robust safety and risk mitigation world standards.

Unlike the Dash 8, which features commonly in Australian fleets, the ATR is still in production. This ensures the highest levels of OEM (Originating Equipment Manufacturer) technical support, parts supply, and up-to-the-minute training. Aerlink’s ATR 72s and 42s share 90% common parts, a factor which, when combined with our in-house accredited maintenance division, results in less downtime. The ATR is manufactured in Toulouse, France, in a partnership between Airbus and Leonardo.

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